Laboratory Three-roller Calender successfully delivered to the Southeast Asian customer

2019/12/28 14:43:00

  On December 28, 2019, there was good news came from M customers in Southeast Asia. Our company's new three-roller calender completed installation, commissioning, training and acceptance, and successfully delivered to M customers.

  This calender is a new type of three-roll calender specially designed for the laboratory by the R & D department. The rollers with special materials and surface treatment can meet the calender test requirements of various formula compounds in the laboratory. The roller speed ratio adopts stepless speed regulation design, which can meet the test requirements of various calendering processes. Patented roller heating and cooling temperature control system design, temperature control accuracy can reach ± 1 ℃. The specially developed control system can collect various data during the experiment and easily output the experimental data and reports. For the safety, maintainability and operability of the system, we refer to ISO, CE and UL standards to give our customers more peace of mind.

  The calender has a modular design. One-day delivery mode for same-day installation, same-day commissioning, and same-day start  up and delivery can be realized. Received high praise from customers.

We have a professional Lab processing equipment team, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you.