UV Test Chambers

TMSI LLC Technology Tower UV Accelerated Aging Tester can reproduce the damage caused by sunlight,rainand dew.The aging effects of months or even years outdoors can be reproduced in days or weeks.

Testing was performed in alternating cycles of UV light and humidity by exposing the material to highertemperature-controlled conditions.

Simulate sunlight with fluorescent UV lamps,dew and rain by means of condensation or/and water spray.

Will your product stand up to the sun and rain?If you can test it,don't rely on guesswork!

Real Simulation

The equipped UVA-340 lamp can simulate the spectrum of the short wavelength part of sunlight most realistically.This portion of sunlight is extremely damaging to durable materials,such as plastics and paint.This allows agood correlation between the UV Weatherometer test and outdoor exposure.

Low Cost

The purchase cost and operating cost are extremely economical.The tower type UV test chamber has areasonable design.It uses a cost-effective fluorescent UV lamp to simulate sunlight,and uses ordinary tap waterto achieve condensation.

Easy to operate

The simple and compact design allows for easy installation,easy operation and minimal maintenance.

>Simple user interface and easy programming

>Continuous display of exposure conditions

>Self-diagnostic alarms and maintenance reminders>

■Abundant Experience

TMSI LLC Technology provides high-quality aging test chambers and testing services.Our engineers participatein and lead ISO,ASTM,IEC,GB and many other professional organizations to develop standardized weatheringtest methods and procedures.