Footprint Test Machine

  • Highly simulate real road conditions and multiple test functions in one

  • Independently developed probe wear energy test system

  • Independent slip and camber structure design

  • High-performance data acquisition system

  • Carry out a variety of standard tire tests

  • Test PCR & TBR at the same time

  • Powerful SpectraPAC™ data analysis software and report system

  • ServoTRAC™ control system, easy to operate and maintain

TMSI‘s Dynamic FootPrint Machine (DFPM) is comprised of a driven tire load carriage, a track, and a sturdy machine base. The machine’s overall size is up to 16.1m (length), 2.7m (width), and 4.2m (height). The tire is vertically loaded and can be subjected to drive/braking torques and various slip and camber angles. During the testing many of the tire’s dynamic properties will be measured and analyzed through our hardware and software systems. As an added feature, the tire’s tread motion relative to the road surface can be recorded and observed as the tire rolls over a glass plate.

 With the capability of performing multiple tests with a single mounting, the DFPM significantly reduces testing costs, manpower, and capital equipment expenditures.

High Quality Tire Measurements

Camber Thrust CRAT

PRAT – Low Speed Steady State

Footprint (photo) – Dynamic

Radial Stiffness

Footprint (photo) – Static

Rolling Contact - probes

Footprint Displacement (x, y probes)

Steady State Force and Moment

Footprint Stress (x, y, z force probes)

Torsional Stiffness

Lateral Stiffness

Mu-Slip Test

Longitudinal Stiffness

Low Speed Uniformity

Technical Specification



Travel Length (m)


Width (mm)


Min/Max. O.D. (mm)


Max. Load (kN)


Lateral Footprint Displacement (mm)


Slip Angle, deg


Camber Angle, deg

± 10 ( 600mm - 1400mm); -5 to 10 (400mm to 600mm O.D.)

Max. Fx, kN


Max.Fy, kN


Max. Fz, kN


Max. My, Nm


Max. Mz, Nm