X-Ray Testing Machine

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  • Safety Circuit

    X-Ray safety loops fully protect operator.

  • X-Scan U series

    The series enables the industry leading image quality to meet the tightest quality requirements byproviding robust low noise digital signal

  • MCT

    This very unique design allows to inspect the tire on thethread and the side walls with the panoramic X-ray outlet in oneshot.

  • Microfocus X-Ray Generators

    Built-in voltage, power and tube current safety limits provide complete X-rav tube protection.


Tire inspection machine is designed for PCR/TBR/OTR tire inner structure inspection. It can identify body ply cords spacing and turn-up, steel wire stabilize ply gradation, bad splices, air blister, broken steel, uneven steel distribution, tearing and foreign substance, etc.


X-ray is generated by X-ray tube and received by imaging detector after penetrating the tested tire. Due to different tire inner structure, the ray penetrating tested tire is different. In this case, the light signal received from tire detector is varied from strong to weak. The detector transfers the light signal into data signal, and then transfer to imaging system to output the image. So the operators can clearly inspect the tire inner structure through the displayer.

Technical Specification

Basic Spec.




Inner Diameter




Outer Diameter




Section Width

200~500 mm

200~500 mm

300~1000 mm

Bead to Bead Distance

155 ~ 442 mm

155 ~ 442 mm

150 ~ 900mm

Tire Weight

Max. 160 kg

Max. 160 kg

Max. 1200 kg

Average Test Cycle Time

26s/tire (Average Test)

26s/tire (Average Test)

≤5 minute/tire (Average Test)