• FormSYS

    Additional module for sheet metal formability and bulge test analysis FormSys module extends material testing capabilities by providing the Forming Limit Diagram (FLD) and the Forming Limit Curve (FLC) methods. These methods are used to assess stamped parts feasibility and formability in sheet forming.

  • RT

    The RT module is a basic standalone software module that allows the user to perform a wide range of measurements using a virtual extensometer for lateral and longitudinal strain measurement and two point probes to detect displacement, velocity and acceleration at the selected position. RT module allows for recording the test.

  • PLUS

    The PLUS module serves as an extension to the RT and/or ENTER module. When applied with the RT module, the PLUS module extends the number of cameras which can be used at the same time and also the number of virtual extensometers and point probes. Furthermore, it enables the creation of a composite field of view from multiple cameras in which a measured point can pass from the view of one camera into the view of another. This module also contains advanced gauges with intelligent functionalities.


    Additional module with vibrographic functionality The module aimed towards vibro-diagnostic measurements expands the possibilities of using high-speed cameras or a videostroboscopic effect for the examination of natural frequencies and operational deflection shapes of the tested parts or structures. The module contains evaluation functions such as an FFT analysis, an octave analysis, the display of results in a Campbell diagram and also of values such as Peak to Peak, Crest Factor and Power Spectral Density.


    Data processing functionality The ENTER module, which is the second standalone module, is dedicated to the post-processing of image recordings, possibly even from multiple cameras simultaneously.

  • 3D VIDEO

    Additional module The 3D module introduces the possibility of measuring 3D space in addition to the usual measurement of a 2D plane by joining cameras into stereo camera pairs. Such a system is capable of measuring surface deformations and displacements in three axes.


    Additional module for field deformation analysis. The FULLFIELD module makes it possible to maximize the predictability of every performed measurement. It allows the user to render the arrangement of the requested value through the entire examined area and hence detect local extremes, stress concentrations, the direction of the major strain or make it easier to detect outer influences.


    Crack detection. Measure deformation and the crack length of a specimen.The accuracy of such a detection reaches values lower than 0,1 mm which is in accordance with the applicable standard ASTM E647. A device which is necessary to be connected during the crack detection is synchronization box (SyncBox)

Monet_3D suited for complex analysis in 3D based on non-contact measurement using digital cameras and MERCURY RT Measurement System. Both static and dynamic events can be evaluated.

The system offers a full-field analysis of deformation and displacement including velocity and acceleration.

Measurement methodology allows for the measurement of high strain rates, high-speed testing, vibration measurement, FEA analysis, crack propagation, dynamic testing, and quality control. Three main measurement methodologies are the followed.

      (1) MATERIAL TESTING: 2D/3D Video extensometer (VEX)、Extension and contraction measurement (longitudinal, transversal)、Chain probe tool for rebar measurement、Neck gauge detection tool、Virtual strain gauge tool、Natural pattern measurement、High-temperature measurement、Crack length propagation measurement、Cycle counting in fatigue tests

(2) COMPONENT TESTING: Static, quasistatic, dynamic measurement、Full-field strain distribution measurement、Integrated high-speed camera、Point and area measurement of motion、Sampling synchronisation with the dynamic and periodic events、Kinematic analysis、Component measurement under operational or laboratory conditions、API for customised I/O communication and control、Pressure chamber measurement、Thermomechanical measurement、Thermal camera integration、FLC (forming limit curve) analysis and evaluation、Bulge test analysis (sheet metals, rubber).

(3) VIBRATION ANALYSISVideo stroboscopy functionality、Modal vibration testing、Operational deflection shapes measurement、Measurement of displacement, velocity, acceleration, and strain、FFT, Campbell diagram, power spectral density, crest factor determination、Vibrographic sync-box with shaker control、Integrated high-speed camera I/O.