Xenon Test Chamber -Temperature/Humidity/Light Control

  • Air-cooled full-solar and full-spectrum long-arc xenon lamp

  • Temperature range:-70 ~+80℃

  • Electronic temperature humidity sensor

  • Automatic water replenishment device

  • Three-dimensional samples can be tested

  • Observation Window

The Xenon Chamber can simulate the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight,high temperature and humidity,and canreproduce the aging effect of products for months or even years in a few days or weeks.

The Xenon Chamber also adds a temperature and humidity test function.The temperature range is -70℃~+80℃.The shape of the sample can be arbitrary,whether it is flat or three-dimensional,it can be satisfied with the test.

Using 1.8KW/2.5kw air-cooled full-solar full-spectrum long-arc xenon lamp,it can more realistically reproduce full-spectrumsunlight,including ultraviolet,visible and infrared.Testing of many materials requires exposure to the full spectrum to providean accurate simulation,especially in colorfastness testing and lightfastness testing.