TMSI, coming from USA, specializes in measurement and simulation technologies in the tire and automotive industry market and devotes to be a world leading testing solution provider.

It was founded in 1991 and located in North Canton, Ohio USA. After more than 30 years of development, TMSI has successfully provided measurement equipments for top 10 tire and automotive manufacturers worldwide, and provides testing equipments and solutions for the independent third-party testing organizations.
To better meet the rapidly growing business demand in the Asian-Pacific region,TMSI established a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Qingdao, in January 2019, to provide more and faster localization services for customers.

  • Customers First

    Focus and meet customer needs in a timely manner;

    Proactively communicate with customers;

    Dig potential demand from customers Actively learn from customers;

  • Mutual respect

    To be professional is best respect to yourself

    Respect your customers

    Respect your colleagues

    Respect your partners

    Respect to family

    Self check before ask for respect from others

  • Honesty &Transparent

    Be open-minded,


    Keep the promise to the customer,

    Do what you say

    Point out your co-worker’s errors and help to correct & improve

    Tell true to yours superiors

  • Team work

    Taking team goals as your own responsibility;

    individuals follow team goals

    Mutual tolerance,

    seeking common ground while reserving differences

    Team decision making

  • Dedication& accountable

    More doing, less talking

    Responsible for work,

    results oriented

    Actively carry out action

    Take the initiative to take responsibility

  • Embrace changes

    Change brings opportunities and seizes opportunities to succeed

    Open mind,

    active learning,

    continuous improvement

    drive the team to act positively

  • Beyond self

    Today is better than yesterday.

    Step out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself

    Actively pursuing a better life


To Be Leading Technology Provider in the Industry


Dr. Gerald R. Potts is the founder of TMSI LLC (former Testing Measurement System Inc.), and he stays as TMSI board member after his retirement.

Dr.Potts is over 45 year’s veteran in tire industry. His experience was with MTS as the manager of Tire/Wheel Systems and headed the Flat-Trac™ test system development team. He also initiated the development of indoor tire wear test machines.

After MTS,  he moved on to become Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the General Motors Institute (now Kettering University)

In 1991 he started Test Measurement Systems, Inc.(Now TMSI LLC), which builds a variety of tire test systems as well as vehicle safety test systems for vehicle crash tests and component strength tests for major tire and vehicle companies around the world.

In addition to the above, Dr. Potts has been an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Akron since 1975.

Dr. Potts has authored a number of technical papers and patents and has participated in numerous technical committees within the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM, Former Chairman of F-9 Committee on Tires).
Dr. Potts was awarded “lifetime Achievement” by TTI.

Message from CEO 

"We are here to provide the state of art, highest quality of test and measurement solutions to our partners and customers. TMSI developed components, such as data acquisition system, testing control system, probe sensors etc. can be easily installed to improve repeatability and accuracy. TMSI leads the way in developing industry standards and technologies to help you and your business reach full potential."

Jerry Gu

President & CEO


Why Choose TMSI?

Want to make a serious impact on the world? Want to change the world with new technology?
You’ve come to the right place. As a leader in advanced test and simulation solutions, TMSI is at the forefront of innovation, delivering State of Art products and services that empower our customers all over the world to push the limits of technology.
TMSI is committed to hiring the best and brightest individuals. We offer a challenging and rewarding work environment, competitive pay, excellent benefits, and a comfortable, friendly culture.

Reaching Your Full Potential

We help our employees reach their full potential by providing a trust, friendly and professional working environment, everyone has the opportunity to growth, and all innovative ideas are encouraged, competitive benefits packages and demanding responsibilities.