Rubber Auto Bale Cutting Machine

TMSI's Rubber Auto Bale Cutting Machine is a kind of rubber processing equipment. It is used to cut the rubber block of natural rubber or synthetic rubber into small rubber blocks that are easy to be compacted or mixed. It is usually installed near the rubber mill and is used to cut small pieces of rubber. The rubber auto bale cutting machine adopts dual hydraulic cylinder design, and the rubber cutting is stable; the integrated design of the whole machine is convenient for installation and takes up less space. The perfect safety device, dual button design and multiple measures ensure the safety of the operator. Dual hydraulic cylinder design.

Main technical specification



Size CuttedW × Hmm

410W× 200H

Machine layout

Integral type machine

Cutting bale drive

Dual hydraulic cylinder drive   

Safety device

Dual button startup, emergency stop switch feeding and discharging photo electricity switches

Limit Control device

Magnetic Switch

Hydraulic Pressure  MPa


Cutter Stroke  mm


Cutting Speed  s/time


Motor Power  KW


Over dimensions


(L × W × Hmm

Weight  kg