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  • Customer Training

    We have remote sessions, videos, or in person training available for the software and equipment in which are you interested.

  • Maintenance Services

    *Customized maintenance service packages to meet the different requirements of the customer. *Knowledgeable and professional engineers to assist you *First time right action *To the point reporting of work performed or prioritized actions that are needed

  • Repair and Parts

    * 24/7 available technical support * Remote diagnostics for immediate assistance * Support by highly experienced specialists * Qualified parts and quick deliveries * 12 months guarantee

  • Upgrades & Retrofits

    * Breathing new life into old equipment * Reduced Total Cost. * Additional functionality added to current machine * Improved efficiency and performance * We can provide new control system, Data acquisition software, hardware, customized report, Global Relocation, alignment Calibration and training etc.

Service Worldwide

TMSI is able to achieve 24/7 fast response and provide high quality local service. Access our highly trained service team today—we are standing by, ready to help and make things easy for you.

Retrofit – New life for your machines

SAVE Capex, EXTENDED Service

Upgrade your Existing testing

machines with TMSI developed control

and measurement technology.