Profile Scanning Analysis System

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TMSI Tire profile scanning analysis system is a non-contact 3D tire scanning measurement system, consisting of a stable, precision mechanical structure and multiple line laser sensors. The system uses multiple line lasers to scan the tire, recording and analyzing the relevant data. The system performs multiple measurements, including the outer profile of the tire rim measurement, the tire runout measurement and analysis, tire wear and etc.

The Tire profile scanning analysis system can be mounted on a mechanical carrier, which can realize the function of profile scanning and analysis. The hardware carrier of the test system can meet the requirements of customization, or we can develop and customize it based on the test range and requirements from the customer.

System Parameters



Index Parameter


Z Axis Accuracy(mm)

0.019 - 0.060


Tire Section Width(mm)



Tire Height(mm)



Tire Weight (Including rim) (kg)



Quantity of Sensors



System Measurements  

· Tire profile scanning (including tire circumference, tire width, etc.)

· Tire crown radius, section height, section width, etc.

· Main pattern groove depth measurement

· Tire wear measurement

· Tire radial and lateral runout measurement, tire sidewall bulge and depression measurement

· Multi-sensor collaboration for measurement

· Tire heel-toe abnormal wear measurement

· Others that can be customized

· The above measurements can automatically generate reports

Data Report

· The report contains estimated tire mileage, pattern depth analysis, tire wear rate, pattern groove depth, tire information, and 3D scanning of tire information.

· The format of the statements is designed by TMSI.

· Reports are with the client's logo.

· Reports can be selected in both English and Chinese.

· Reports include: data, pictures, report forms, etc.

· The form includes auditor and operator signatures. (Reports are automatically generated with the operator's name, but the auditor position is left blank for manual signature)