Product solution

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Machine


Tire Buffing Machine

Using TM-PCR400, customers can quickly grind and test the tires in bulk they need at an economical price. Using TMSI's machine, customers can obtain contour curves. They can user-defined wear contours, user-defined wear degree, after 100 kilometers simulate test , then get an ideal sample tire.


Tire Force and Moment Test Machine

While capturing tire performance data for immediate analysis. Test reports and data are immediately available upon the completion of each test using TMSI’s


Tire Dynamic Footprint Test Machine

TMSI’s Dynamic FootPrint Machine (DFPM) is comprised of a driven tire load carriage, a track, and a sturdy machine base.


Tire High Speed Uniformity Test Machine

TMSI’s Tire Uniformity Test System provides the highest quality measurements available in tire uniformity testing for speeds up to 250km/h.


Tire Rolling Resistance Test Machine

TMSI’s Tire Rolling Resistance Test System, for one or two stations, provides the highest quality measurements in tire rolling resistance testing


Tire Load Deflection Test Machine

The Multi-Function Load/Deflection tire test machine applies a requested load or deflection to a test specimen while recording both the load and deflection data.


Tire Endurance Test Machine

TMSI’s Tire Endurance Test System is designed to incorporate one or two roadwheels and two or four test stations respectively


Seat Testing System


Seatbelt Testing System




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About tmsi

TMSI, a world leading testing solution provider, specializes in measurement and simulation technologies in the tire and automotive industry market.
It was founded in 1991 and located in North Canton, Ohio USA. After more than 30 years of development, TMSI has successfully provided measurement equipments for top 10 tire and automotive manufacturers worldwide, and provides testing equipments and solutions for the independent third-party testing organizations.
To better meet the rapidly growing business demand in the Asian-Pacific region,TMSI established a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Qingdao, in January 2019 to provide more and faster localization services for customers.