German Tire Technology Expo 2024 concludes successfully!

2024/03/27 11:50:09

The Hannover Internation Tire Technology Expo 2024 was successfully held in Germany from March 19th to 21st. During the expo, TMSI exhibited its latest visual analysis equipment to experts from various industries, attracting the attention of numerous customers within the industry.

In the past few decades, making forces ‘visible’ has been a highly challenging task. The non-contact full-field DIC system boasts advantages that traditional measurement methods simply cannot match. It has found widespread application in the automotive, parts, and materials industries, aiding in the resolution of issues that traditional force measurement methods have been unable to address.

With the advent of the intelligent era, the integration of mechanics and vision has made forces "visible". TMSI will never stop exploring the path of new technology research and development!