Sunshine Simulation Test Chamber

The full-spectrum light aging test chamber is used to detect the aging performance of parts or vehicles undersunlight.Users may use this test to evaluate changes in the performance of parts or complete vehicles afterirradiation,including shape,color,gloss,feel,strength,and various thermal expansion results.

Using German original metal halide lamps and dimmers to accurately simulate the real solar spectrum Speciallydesigned structure to better protect the sophisticated irradiation system.

●Temperature Range:Non-radiation temperature range:-40℃ to +120°℃,

radiation temperature range:-20℃ to +100℃;

● Humidity Range:10%~98%RH;

●Light Wavelength:Full-band spectrum,simulating sunlight from 280nm to 3000nm;

●Irradiation Intensity:adjustable from 0 to 1200 W/M?,and can be continuously recorded during the test;

●Volume:600L,1000L,8m3,10m3…Dimensions can be customized according to customer needs.

Implementation Standard:

● GJB150.7-86 Solar Radiation Test

●GJB150A.7-2009 Solar Radiation Test

●IEC60068-2-5 Test Sa:Ground-based Solar Radiation Simulation

● GB2423.24 Test Sa:Simulation of Solar Radiation on The Ground

● DIN75220 Changes of Automotive Components in Sunlight Simulation Devices

● MIL-STD 810G Environmental Engineering Related Matters and Laboratory Testing

Sunshine Simulation Environment Test

Main Specifications:

● Intensity:600W/m²~1,200W/m²(or higher)

● Working temperature:-10℃~+60℃

● Working humidity (%):5%~95%

● Uniformity:±5%/Stability:±1%

●Radiation:Overall radiation (260nm~3000nm)

● UV cutoff:260nm or less


● Environmental performance test

● Air conditioner performance test

● Internal/External Material Testing

● Photovoltaic performance evaluation