Xenon Test Chamber-SX/2200/H

  • Irradiation Energy Automatic Control

  • Easy to Operate Touch Screen

  • Newly Upgraded Inner Chamber

  • Low Cost of Use of Lamps

  • Remote Control

  • High Precision Sensor

The xenon arc test chamber is equipped with a rotating sample holder.It is often used for weathering and lightfastness testing of textiles.The effective exposure area is 2200cm²(11 sample racks can hold 22 samples of 150×70mm).

Equipped with air-cooled lamps,the cost is lower,the efficiency is higher,and the maintenance is more convenient than water-cooled lamps.The utility model belongs to a multifunctional test chamber,and is a rotary drum shaped type xenon test chamber with simple structure,reliable quality and convenient use.

Model Rack Rotary Drum Shaped Design

The sample rack is designed with a special drum shaped structure and can rotateautomatically to ensure that all samples get the same irradiation energy duringthe whole test process.

11 sample racks,can hold 22 samples of 150×70mm.