Seat Testing System

TMSI’s Seat Test system is designed to comply with the procedure of the Department of Transportation FMVSS 202.  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 202 specifies requirements for head restraints to reduce the frequency and severity of neck injury in rear-end and other collisions. 

The equipment described will perform tests according to the FMVSS 202 specifications.


Test equipment consists of a seat mounting test bed plate, A-frame loading stand with moveable crosshead, three dual electrohydraulic actuator loading frames, and three electro pneumatic actuator loading frames to apply the prescribed loads.  Although designed primarily for FMVSS 202 testing, it can also be used for the appropriate sections of European Regulation ECE-R17.


The SeatTEST™ software is the TMSI’s designed data acquisition software to monitor and control the test equipment and to accurately record the test data. During automatic tests each of the actuator's current test conditions are recorded.

Test System Specifications

PC Control and Data Acquisition System running WIN10

Station Options:  

1.Seat reference point (SRP) adjustability in the vertical, lateral and fore/aft positions

2.Linear position transducers for angular measurement of the load

3.Load cell mounting for seatback form

4.Secondary flange mounted actuator equipped with head form, load cell and linear displacement transducer
Controlled Parameters: Load, Position
Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)  
Measured Parameters: Load and linear and angular displacement to determine the moment about the SRP