Tire High Speed Uniformity Test Machine

  • Tire growth

  • One-station High Speed Uniformity Test Machine

  • Structure Borne Noise test. A variety of roads are available to simulate different test environments

  • Dynamic force measurement system to reduce weight and increase frequency range

  • Various standard Cleat tests to help users simulate various working conditions

  • Meets industry mainstream testing standards

  • Uniformity test up to 400KPH

  • ServoTRAC™ control system, easy to operate and maintain

TMSI's Tire Uniformity Test System  provides the highest quality measurements available in tire uniformity testing for speeds up to 250km/h. The HSU-500 utilizes TMSI's patented Dynamic Force Measurement System US Patent No. 6,606,569 and International Patent No. WO02/04906 to assure a flat measurement band width with zero phase lag from 0 to 500 Hz. This is equivalent to standard test machine technology with a full machine resonant frequency of 5,000 Hz.

The system also provides Rolling Resistance tire  measurement capability. The system is guaranteed to exceed the repeatability requirements of a reference system as defined in ISO 28580; and it includes automated test setups for the rolling resistance measurement standards ISO 18164, ISO 28580, SAE J1269 and SAE J2452.

High Quality Tire Measurements

Force and Moment Variations

(1st to 64th harmonic measurements)

Loaded and Rolling Radius

Dynamic and Static Unbalance

Cleat Test

Radial and Lateral Runout

Flat Spot

Radial and Lateral Runout

Structure Borne Noise

Ply-steer and Conicity

Rolling Resistance (Torque Method)

Rolling Resistance (Force Method)

Rolling Resistance (Coast-Down Method)

RPK Testing

2nd Station for HSU/RR Measurements (PCR or TBR)

Technical Specification

Roadwheel Drum

Force and Moment Measurement

Diameter, mm                                                       1700 or 2000

Radial Force Variation, N                             ±4000

Width, mm                                                               500 - 650

Lateral Force Variation, N                            ±4000

Surface Coating                                          80-grit Safety Walk

Tractive Force Variation, N                          ±4000

Max. Rotating Speed, km/h                                      250

Conicity and Ply-Steer, N                              ±2000

Tire Sizes

Self-Aligning Torque Variation, Nm             ±100

Min/Max. O.D, mm                                                 430/1200

Overturning Moment Variation, Nm           ±100

Max. Tread Width, mm                                           450 -  550

Load Cell Measurement Accuracy

Max. Tire Weight (with Wheel), kg                           250

Radial Force, N                                               ±0.5

Max. Tire Load, N                                                     25,000

Lateral Force, N                                              ±0.5

Tire Pressure

Tractive Force, N                                            ±0.75

Range, kPa                                                                    689

Control Accuracy, kPa                                               ±1.4

Measurement Accuracy, kPa                                   ±0.7