Precision Measurement Instruments for the Tire Industry

We at TMSI never lose sight of one central fact- our customers depend on us to deliver accurate, repeatable measurements of tire performance. We believe that engineers, researchers and tire scientists depend on precision measurement of the many parameters of tire performance; and they need those measurements made under controlled, repeatable laboratory conditions.

We also recognize that research never stops. So we stand ready to put our expertise at machine design, data acquisition, and tire science to work with your researchers to develop highly customized test systems to study any aspect of tire mechanical performance.

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Maximized Testing Productivity

TMSI supplies a wide range of test and measurement solutions for the tire industry.


TMSI’s OnLEVEL tire test machine performs multiple tire tests on a realistic flat road surface with computer-controlled speed, load, inflation pressure, steer angle, and camber angle, while capturing tire performance data for immediate analysis.

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