• 23.10.2020

    The 20th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition came to a successful conclusion and TMSI's professionalism was well received

      On September 18, 2020, the 20th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition was successfully concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Center.Located at Booth N2 2A245, TMSI stands are unique and innovative, with dedicated and professional staff, which are well received by customers and professional visitors present.

       China International Rubber Technology Exhibition has been held since 1998. After many years of development, it has become a platform for brand promotion and trade promotion, as well as a channel for information communication and new technology exchange.With the rapid growth of the international rubber industry, now more than 700 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, set rubber machinery and equipment, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials, tires and non-tire rubber products, rubber recycling as one, is the rubber industry related enterprises in each link operators annual grand event.

      Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the major tire enterprises will face more difficulties and believe more firmly in the importance of improving tire quality in the highly competitive market environment.And as with the fastest speed, the optimal service to provide customers optimal testing product solutions provider, TMSI in tire performance testing can not only provide high-end customized testing solutions and timely technical advisory services, and TMSI China team can provide on-site technical support for the domestic customers anytime and anywhere, save time and effort for the customer.The relevant person in charge introduced the products and solutions of dynamic tire printing test machine, OnLEVEL six-component test machine, high speed uniformity test machine, tyre rolling resistance test machine, tyre rigidity test machine, bicycle rolling resistance and other products to customers on demand.In the field of automotive tires, these products in the technical level and product performance have absolute leading advantage.In the face of the customer's existing equipment quality  and after-sales difficulties and the future demand for new testing equipment, TMSI engineers made use of professional and solid theoretical foundation and many years of on-site implementation experience to give constructive Suggestions, which further enhanced the trust of TMSI In China, and then conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions.

      During the exhibition, Guan Guodong, the manager of TMSI electrical engineer, accepted the invitation of Poly Adhesive magazine and further explained the performance advantages of high-speed uniformity to the professional audience on site. He made in-depth explanation on the advantages of dynamic force test, flat point test, structural noise test and so on, which made the professional audience nod and praise.

      In the future, TMSI will hand in hand side by side with like-minded businesses, talent, in the same boat, grasp the opportunities in the crisis challenges, help customers to better understand the TMSI technology, to help customers faster ability of the product research and development, help customers improve the tire performance, especially the safety performance, at the same time, it will directly promote the competitiveness of the brands of tires in the asia-pacific region, thus benefiting more tire enterprises.

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  • 27.09.2020

    TMSI will continue to sponsor Tire Society in 2020

    The 39th Tire Society will hold a five-day cultural salon in Akon on September 28, 2020. As an important membership of Tire Society, TMSI will continue to sponsor the annual event in the tire industry with the theme of "Intelligent Transportation". Dr. Gerald Potts, the founder of TMSI, will also attend to hear and learn inventive and engaging works in tire mechanics, testing and applications from top tire companies and talents .

    This conference is divided into three parts: panel discussion, technical paper presentations and networking opportunities. It is lucky to gather of Chris Helsel, as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni, as Professor at The Ohio State University and Ford Motor Company Chair in Electromechanical Systems, Ross Tessien, as Principal at Electricwaze LLC to respectively  give an important speech. Furthermore, Bridgestone, Endurica, Nexans, A&D, Smithers and other top famous tire companies will be united to discuss the develop opportunities and challenges under the COVID-19.

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