Loading Deflection

  • The camber angle compensation ensures that the verticality is less than ±0.05 degrees

  • Wheel-mounted sensor, more in line with actual working conditions

  • The platform rotates at a wide angle of 90 degrees to meet customer research and development needs

  • High resolution, high sampling rate data acquisition system

  • Plunger test function(Optional)

  • Imprint test function(Optional)

  • Break off test function(Optional)

  • MFLD 01222020 Yokohama

TMSI’s Tire Endurance Test System is designed to incorporate one or two roadwheels and two or four test stations respectively via a single and highly triangulated stiff weldment. It provides the highest quality measurements available in tire endurance testing for both passenger and truck tires up to 350 km/h. It also performs loaded and rolling radius measurements, and  measures RPK. In addition, the system can include options for dynamic steering capability and rolling resistance testing.

High Quality Tire Measurements

Radial Spring Rate

Lateral Spring Rate

Longitudinal Spring Rate

Torsional Spring Rate


Footprint Camera System

Footprint Pressure Sensor

Plunger Energy Test
Bead Unseating Test
Tire Profile Scanning System

CE Compliant
Built-in Hoist
Flush Floor Installation

Technical Specification:

Tire Dia Max, mm1,00016,000
Section Width Max, mm600600
Min Bead Dia, in1217
Fz, N147,100245,166
Fx, Fy, N98,06798,067
Mz, Nm16,94820,337
My, Nm27,11627,550
Mx, Nm16,94869,920
Machine Footprint, mm2,030  x 2,5332,030  x 2,533
Machine Height, mm3,700with hoist4,132 with hoist