TM-PCR400 High-precision tire profile scanning and buffing solution successfully delivered to the customer

2021/05/11 13:16:43

  In April 2021, TM-PCR400 High-precision tire profile scanning and buffing solution has successfully delivered to the customer. 

  At present, most tire performance tests in the industry are required by brand new tires.

  With the improvement of tire performance requirements, more and more customers pay more attention to the performance of tires throughout its life cycle, and carry out performance tests of "tires in use" with specific levels of wear.

  If the traditional method of car mileage abrasion is adopted, it is time-consuming and laborious, which is not conducive to the development of new products. Therefore, TMSI has developed the TM-PCR400 tire scanning and buffing solution. Using TM-PCR400, customers can quickly grind and test the tires in bulk they need  at an economical price. Using TMSI's machine, customers can obtain contour curves. They can user-defined wear contours, user-defined wear degree, after 100 kilometers simulate test , then get an ideal sample tire.

  The main functions of TM-PCR400 are as follows:

  1. Tire Profiling - Used in tire road test to reduce cost and used in tire planing analysis to improve R&D efficiency.

  2. Repair tire dynamic balance function - Repair of tires with unqualified dynamic balance function and raise dynamic balance function index to A level.

  3. Scanning and analysis tire profile - Scan and generate target contour curve automatically and contour analysis and optimization functions.

  TMSI is a testing solution provider , specialized in tire performance measurement technologies. Its main products are Onlevel™ test machine, Dynamic footprint machine, Uniformity test machine, Rolling resistance test machine, Multi-function load/deflection test machine, Endurance test machine, Data analysis software and other tire performance measurement solutions, which continuously meet the diverse and complicated testing needs of customers.