TMSI China was established to serve domestic customers in close quarters

2019/08/17 14:44:00

Rubber and plastic equipment 2019-08-07

Recently, world leading solution provider - TMSI USA announced that TMSI China was officially established and brought into operation.

It is reported that, TMSI was established in "The Rubber Capital of the World" in Akron Ohio, USA in 1991. After nearly 30 years development, on the one hand, TMSI has successfully provided testing equipment for tire manufacturers and car manufacturers who rank as top10 in the world. On the other hand, TMSI is commissioned to work for the third-party independent inspection agency to supply testing equipment and product solution. At present, TMSI’s mainly recommended products include Tire Rolling Resistence Test System、Tire Uniformity Test System、Dynamic Footprint Machine、OnLEVEL Tire Test Machine、Multi-Function Load/Deflection Tire Test Machine and Tire Endurance Test Machine.  Both of products and technology are in the leading industry level.  To better meet the rapidly growing business demand in the Asian-Pacific region, TMSI established a wholly-owned subsidiary company in Qingdao to provide more and faster localization services for customers.

As a part of TMSI China strategy, we are willing to see Chinese companies put into operation after a short period of preparation. We hope to provide more efficient   considerate support and services to Chinese customers in the tire and automotive industries through localization operations." Liu Xin, as Technical Director of TMSI China, mentioned, "As a standard equipment provider for the US NHTSA and DOT (Note: the US Highway Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation), we believe that TMSI can contribute to the upgrading in the Chinese domestic tire and automotive industries. .

When talking about TMSI China's future plans, Liu Xin said: "We will also invest in the establishment of technology and training centers in China to help customers better understand TMSI's technology and help customers improve their products faster."