An industrial executive joined TMSI to contribute to strategic upgrade

2019/08/30 14:44:00

Recently, world leading solution provider - TMSI America announced officially  in Akron that Ms. Linda Oshea joined TMSI and served as vice president of global engineering technology, comprehensively leading TMSI's global product planning and engineering R&D team.

Ms. Oshea has nearly 20 years of working experience in the tire industry and has extensive experience in research and development, product planning and marketing, and project management. Ms. Oshea was employed in Alpha Technology as the vice president for software solutions of the global software development department and information department. Subsequently, MICRI POISE invited her to take charge of the vice president of products and marketing, being responsible for global product planning and marketing management.

"Warmly welcome Ms. Linda Oshea to join our team," said Dr. Potts, the founder and executive director of TMSI. "With rich experience in the testing industry, Ms. Oshea will bring advanced product ideas and management experience to TMSI. I believe she will promote the achievement of TMSI's global strategic goals. "

"It is a great honor to be a part of the TMSI team. I will work with the TMSI team to provide customers with the best technology and products," said Ms. Oshea.