The first HSU Machine assembled by TMSI Team in China was successfully delivered to overseas customers.

2019/06/13 15:45:00

In August 2018, the United States government adjusted tariff policy against China, which would impose 25% tariff on goods exported to the United States. It brought a great challenge. TMSI America adjusted the operation strategy at once and made a decision that the order from Asian customers would be assembled and completed by TMSI Team in China.


The Southeast Asia customer L has officially grown the first beneficiaries of TMSI's strategy. The customer customized a high-speed uniformity testing machine HSU originally scheduled to be delivered in the United States. However, after full communication with each other based on the negative impact of tariff imposed, the rapid reaction and solution to responding problems was highly appreciated by customer L, who decided to change the delivery location from USA to China immediately. Due to save time for shipping and a majority of  international suppliers agreed to be serviced directly from TMSI China Team, it sped up the completion of projects.  


With the cooperation of China Team and the America Team, the first HSU assembled in domestic was successfully delivered. It opened a new channel for TMSI's global layout and brought valuable project operation experience. TMSI would continue to work hard to service customers with  better technology and resolve problems in timely manner.