About Us

TMSI supplies a wide range of test and measurement products for a number of industries.

  • For the Tire Industry, TMSI supplies the most advanced technology and highest value equipment available in the industry. Equipment includes High Speed Uniformity Machines, Tire Endurance Test Machines, Tire Force and Moment Systems, Modular Add-On Equipment, Tire Load and Deflection, Rolling Resistance Machines, and Slip and Camber Systems.
  • For the Automotive Industry TMSI personnel have been producing safety related test equipment for over 30 years. Equipment produced includes FMVSS Series Test Systems, HYGE® Crash Sled controls, SquibFIRE™ Air Bag Test Systems, and Bumper Test Systems.
  • Other Industrial Products include Torque Testing Machines for Ball Screws, Servo Hydraulic Test Systems, Vibration Testing Machines, Machine Control and Data Acquisition Systems, various Quality Screening Devices and Turnkey Laboratory Test Systems.
Our products are designed to enhance productivity and provide significant competitive advantages to our clients. In addition to our primary products, TMSI also designs and develops specialized equipment for various industries per customer requirements.