About Us

TMSI was founded by Dr. Jerry Potts in 1991 as Test Measurement Systems, Incorporated, a boutique engineering company focused on the design, development, fabrication and assembly of test and measurement systems for the tire, automotive and industrial markets.

Beginning with bespoke engineering for various customers, TMSI moved into the industrial testing market with ball-screw testers, servo-hydraulic test systems, vibration test machines, and particularly machine control and data acquisition systems.

For the automotive industry TMSI have produced controls for the HYGE® Crash Sled, developed SquibFIRE™ Air Bag Test Systems, FMVSS test systems and Bumper Crash test systems.

Today TMSI is focused on laboratory mechanical test systems the tire industry.  We produce endurance test machines such as our TTM-2 series and our TTM-4 series equipment.  We produce Rolling Resistance measurement systems such as our RR-2 platform.  We produce the most advanced Highway Speed Uniformity measurement system available in the industry, the HSU-500 (with our patented Dynamic Force Measurement System).  We produce the OnLEVEL flat surface tire test system, which measures forces and moments, rolling resistance, highway-speed uniformity, residual alignment torques, spring rates and Revolutions per Kilometer, all with a single tire mounting.  And we produce the TMSI Dynamic Footprint Measurement system, which was a finalist for the Tire Technology of the Year at the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany.

TMSI realizes that the test machine is not important.  The test data is important.  Accuracy and repeatability are vital; and TMSI systems are designed from the ground up to be Precision Measurement Instruments for the Tire Industry.